Podebrady Walking 2014 strides abroad for information, experience and for elite racers

Autor: svitak | Kategorie: Novinky | Datum: 02-10-2013

Press Release 30/9/2013, David Snajdr


As heading to the 82nd Annual of the International Race Walking Meeting „Podebrady Walking 2014“ accelerates, organisers strive except money sources also for composing of elite start list, even better than this year.

However it wasn´t just all sorts of racers in 2013! Just one year after reconstruction of 1000m circuit in a Spa Colonnade, newly covered with smooth asphalt, elite racers went pretty fast and reached top positions in World Rankings of seniors 20K as well as juniors 10K.

In comprehensive IAAF evaluation Podebrady Walking 2013 has been rated the 8th best out of 50 race walking meetings worldwide.

This is a tribute that motivates and bindes at the same time.

Therefore Local Organising Committee(LOC) members travel either to pass International Panel Judges exams in Dublin (IRL), or to be present at IAAF Calendar Convention in Tallin (EST) nowadays; Couple days ago LOC also succeeded to include Podebrady Walking 2014 into five destination meeting series „International Race Walking Tour 2014“ with Vienna (AUT), Podebrady (CZE), Alytus (LTU), Katowice (POL) and Bacuch (SVK).

These are the areas where LOC strives for broad consideration, for attraction of elite individuals as well as teams for international contest of senior and/ or junior teams in Podebrady 2014.

For building up of a respective european meeting it is an obligatory for LOC to co-operate intensively with the Czech Athletic Association and the Town Hall of Podebrady.

It is getting evident that on Saturday, April 12, 2014, Podebrady will host the 82nd Annual of Podebrady Walking with excellent racers pushing hard for MQS for major events, for points in EA Challenge Series and for national championships medals.

Podebrady Walking 2014 promises a quality, respective and favourite festival of race walking, of athletics and sports in general.